Viêm gan B lâm sàng: Hãy đến kiểm tra xem bạn có mắc bệnh viêm gan B cùng với mũi tiêm phòng ngay hôm nay

Apr 30, 2016



The prevalence of chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) in the Vietnamese general population is between 10-15%. Up to 45% of the carriers will develop complications from chronic HBV including cirrhosis and liver cancer. According to recent studies, 90% of the infected individuals do not know that they have the disease. Those who are diagnosed with the disease do not seek medical attention because they neither have any symptoms nor adequate knowledge about the disease.

From our experience in serving the Vietnamese community in Maryland, we realized that due of the lack of access to health insurance and education, many Vietnamese people do not know the danger of Hepatitis B or how to take appropriate action towards preventing or treating this disease. Other significant factors such as the language barrier, poor health-seeking behavior, andculture barriers contribute greatly to the high prevalence of this disease in the Vietnamese population.

In 2011, VNMAP developed Screening, Management, and Awareness Solutions for Hepatitis B (SMASH-B) program with the following objectives:

  1. Provide Hepatitis B education to the community.
  2. Provide screening, vaccination, and treatment referral to the Vietnamese American community in Montgomery County.

Once patients enroll in this program, VNMAP’s volunteers will follow up with patient until vaccination is completed. Over the past few years, with the support from the Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI) grant, the SMASH-B program has successfully outreached to 487 members of the community in Montgomery County. We have screened more than 379 participants and given out vaccinations to more than 121 participants. In 2016, VNMAP received the Hep B Task Force 2016 Best Practice Award.


In FY16, VNMAP entered the partnership with the Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic (PAVHC) for our SMASH B program. PAVHC is one of the 12 free clinics in Montgomery County who serves low income and uninsured Montgomery County residents since 2003. While services are available to all county residents, the clinic’s target populations are Asian Americans. Collaborating with government agencies and local organizations, PAVHC clinic provides free primary care, health care management, free medicine, free or low-cost lab test services. The clinic also refers patients to specialty care through Project Access by Primary Care Coalition (“PCC”), Archdiocesan Health Care Network (AHCN), and our own community specialist network. With this partnership, patients will have access to screening and vaccination more frequently Monday-Friday each week at the Pan Asian clinic.

Learn more about Hepatitis B and how to protect yourself


For more information on the SMASH-B project or how to get free screening and vaccination, please contact Mylinh Vu at:


Phone: 240-397-8364

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