Medical Missions:

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Since 2007, VNMAP has been carrying out medical missions in rural regions of Vietnam to serve the poor and underserved. Our medical team included undergraduates and health professional students and well as health professionals in various field. Since 2007, we have traveled to Lam Dong province, Khanh Hoa province, Tieng Giang province, and Ving Long Province. The duration of the trips was two weeks, and we traveled to different clinics within the province to provide medical care and health education. From our experience, we learned that people in these regions suffered from both acute and chronic conditions. The most noticeable conditions include musculoskeletal problems, dengue fever, and uncontrolled hypertension. These medical mission trips helped our volunteers to understand how socioeconomic status affected patients’ health. They also learned that prevention and public health were important in these areas where resources were scarce. Our medical mission trips usually occur during the month of June or January of each year.


Medical Care:

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Each day, our team woke up around 6 am to have a light breakfast, load the medication, and travel to the clinic site. The medical team served about 200-300 patients per day. We provided both medical care and medications. At night after the clinic, we spent time packaging medication before going to bed.


Health Education:

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In our medical mission trips, the medical team also prepared different educational materials to teach residents about prevalent diseases in the area. The team tried interactive approaches with demonstration workshops. We also developed brochure and passed them out to patients.


Learn about patients’ life:

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One of the main learning objectives of the medical mission is to help our volunteers to realize that there are many factors that affect patient health. During the medical mission, volunteers visited patient home, work place, and markets. From that experience, VNMAP challenged our volunteers to think of way to address them.


If you are interested to volunteer for the next medical mission, please contact Huy Do at


Learn more about our previous trips:

Lam Dong 2009 ( please make pop-up you tube video) ( use this link for the video mission)

Tien Giang 2010 ( please make pop-up youtube video) ( use video from this link: mission)


Upcoming medical mission trip:

Tien Giang province - January 3rd to January 17th, 2016

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