Work as a team to promote health in underserved communities in Vietnam and US

Apr 30, 2016


Since 2007, VNMAP has worked with our volunteers to bring health to local community in the US and poor villages in Vietnam. One of our main focus is prevention through health education and health services. One of the noticeable health campaigns was the vaccination of 1000 Vietnamese residents in Maryland during the H1N1 pandemic of 2009. Since then, we continue to serve the community with annual health fairs. Four years ago, we collaborated with Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI) of Montgomery County in Maryland to develop and implement a Hepatitis B screening and vaccination program (SMASH-B). The program has been a success and we are able to serve many local residents.

In addition to local program, VNMAP continue to have annual medical mission to provide medical care to the poor and underserved in rural communities in Vietnam. Since 2007, we provided care to more than 10,000 people. As we worked in different areas of Vietnam, we recognized that the primary care delivery system in Vietnam was not optimized to provide chronic care especially for those in rural areas. In 2012, we collaborated with local clinic in Tien Giang province to pilot the PrimCare project. The purpose of this project is to enhance the clinic’s capacity to provide better primary care to 14,000 local residents.

In 2015, VNMAP established a community outreach award to encourage students and young health professionals to form health initiatives to address local health problems. The award provides $500 to an individual or group that has a community health project.


Annual Medical Mission


PrimCare project

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