Volunteer Benefits


Our volunteers work very hard to help the organization achieve its mission. VNMAP appreciates the commitment and dedication of our volunteers, and we strive to provide our volunteers with meaningful experience during their time with VNMAP. Our benefits are gear toward helping volunteers accomplishing their career and personal goals. The qualification of these benefits will be based on the level of commitment of the volunteers.


Benefits for short-term volunteers (less than 6 month continuous commitment):

1. Participate in VNMAP sponsor training programs

2. Participate in VNMAP social events


Benefits for long-term volunteers (more than 6 month continuous commitment):

1. All the benefits above plus

2. Participate VNMAP’s mentorship program

3. Receive letters of recommendation for job or professional school(s).

4. Apply for travel grant


Benefits for Executive commitment members:

1. All the befits above plus

2. Apply for board of directors scholarship


If you have any questions regarding benefits, please contact Michael Tran at michael.tran@vnmap.org

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