Mission and Vision


Our mission:


Learn, Lead, Heal



VNMAP strives to


  1. Enhance educational experience in public health and medicine for volunteers, health professional students, and health care providers 

  2. Empower students to take the lead to serve their community

  3. Provide high quality medical services and health education to the Vietnamese communities in the US and in Vietnam




Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program (VNMAP) has been established in 2007 after group of compassionate health professional students led a medical mission to Khanh Hoa Province. The trip helped us to see the need for change to optimize the health of the poor in Vietnam. VNMAP received its non-profit 501 (c)3 designation in 2009 by the United States government. Since then, VMMAP has served the Vietnamese communities in the US and in Vietnam. Our annual medical mission trips provided acute care and health education to more than 1500 people each year. In the US, VNMAP has hosted multiple health fairs and health programs. Our most noticeable ones were the H1N1 vaccination where VNMAP provided approximately 1,000 vaccinations and the SMASH B project that encouraged high-risk patients for Hepatitis B to be screened and vaccinated. As a student initiated organization, VNMAP is proud of the energy and compassion of our young members. In addition to serving its communities, VNMAP also focuses on building a next generation of caring and knowledgeable healthcare professionals by providing them with real life experience and mentorship. Many of our members went on to health professional schools such as medical, pharmacy, and public health institutions. The future of VNMAP is bright as we are looking to apply innovative solutions and partnership to expand VNMAP services to more com- munities. Its newest program in Vietnam is PrimCare with the goal to improve primary care de livery in order to prevent complications of chronic diseases. In the US, VNMAP developed the Women’s Health Initiative to address some of the health concerns that women are facing in the communities. In the past, VNMAP formed partnership with other organizations and universities and VNMAP believes that such partnership has led to success of our programs. VNMAP continues to strengthen its collaboration with other NGOs, universities, and government organizations to work together to improve the health of the poor.




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