Since 2007, VNMAP had collaborated with multiple institutions and organizations in many projects. Our annual medical missions were support by several medical institutions including Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. For our medical missions, our volunteers came from different states including, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, and California. In addition to annual medical mission, VNMAP works to improve primary care delivery of poor residents in Viet Nam. In 2012, we have signed a 5-year collaboration with Tan Thanh clinic in Tien Giang province to enhance their primary care delivery. Through this collaboration, we also bring current medical knowledge to this rural clinic through our physician volunteer program where physicians in the city visit the clinic twice a month to provide practical clinical knowledge. Many of the volunteer physicians work at Tam Duc Heart Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

We have worked with Asian American Health Initiative, a branch of Montgomery County health department to successfully implement SMASH-B program for 3 years. Furthermore, we received part of the Susan Komen fund in 2014-2015 to educate and encourage women to obtain breast cancer screening. In 2015, we established a partnership with Pan Asian Health clinic to enhance our Hepatitis B screening and vaccination. VNMAP hopes that in the future we can provide more medical services to our community.


Our current Partners:

Asian American Health Initiative

Pan Asian Health Clinic

University of Maryland, College Park student chapter

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, student chapter

Tan Thanh community Clinic

Tam Duc Heart Hospital

Gilead Sciences, Inc


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Maryland Governor Certificate of Appreciate: For helping to vaccinate appropriately 1000 people during the H1N1 flu pandemic

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