Improving Primary Care delivery in Vietnam

May 21, 2016


Primary care is an important part of the health care system. Nationwide systematic changes to improve primary care will require significant resources; thus, the possible solutions should be implemented in a smaller scale where resources are easily attainable. With experience working in Tien Giang province in the past two years, VNMAP team has found that the rural region of this province faces problems in primary care delivery. In the summer of 2012, VNMAP conducted a needs assessment with the residents in the local areas, and decided to select the community health clinic in Tan Thanh, one of Tien Giang’s rural communes to pilot the Primary Care Access in Vietnam (PrimCARE) Project to improve primary care. The pilot project has started first from the local level in the year 2013, which requires closed collaboration and commitments from the all stakeholders in the community including Tan Thanh local government, the clinic health professionals, and commune residents.

This is a five-year project which includes two phases: 1) Implementation three-year phase and 2) Sustaining two-year phase. The first phase is to initiate changes and make necessary improvements to the current primary care situation in Tan Thanh commune. The second phase is to sustain the improved primary care model and share its successes to different communes.

The PrimCARE Project aims to improve primary care model at the local level through:

  1. Enrichment of professional knowledge through the Inter Professional Knowledge Exchange Program (IKEP) and continual medical education

  2. Strengthening clinic operational structure

  3. Enhancement of clinic capacity to provide high quality primary care

PrimCARE team consist of the US team and Vietnam team. We work closely together to execute this project.

Read more about PrimCare here.

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