Health Professional Volunteer Program


VNMAP is looking for a compassionate and committed health care professional to join VNMAP for both clinical and non-clinical roles.

Clinical roles:

Health fair and clinic outreaches: About twice a year, VNMAP is hosting a health fair in Maryland to provide preventive services such as blood pressure measuring and blood glucose check. During that health fair, we also provide the community with health education and community health resources. Health care providers will take part in interpreting test results and educate patients on disease management. They will also involve in providing health education sessions.

VNMAP has an active Hepatitis B program to screen and vaccinate for high-risk individuals. Health care providers will help to educate patients about hepatitis B and its health impact. They also counsel patients on test results and supervise student volunteer. This position will require commitment of about 1 Sunday per month. If you are interested please contact Huy Do, DO at

You can learn more about Hepatitis B program here:

Hepatitis B program

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