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There are many ways that you can be involved with VNMAP. Volunteers have many opportunities from being an executive member to going on our medical mission trip. No matter which position you sign up for, you will part of VNMAP family, and your help contribution will make a difference to your community. Please read below for more information volunteering opportunities:

1. Executive positions:

As an executive member, you will help to run the organization day-to-day activities. You will be working with students and young professionals to lead the organization. It is a very meaningful experience to improve your communication and leadership skills as you will be facing and making decision for challenging situations.

2. Community Health volunteer program: VNMAP has volunteer positions for our health program in the US. Our volunteers work in health outreaches and clinic to provide medical services and health education to the people in our community. VNMAP has short-term (less than 6 months) and long-term (more than 6 months) opportunities to provide flexible to your schedule.

3. Medical Mission: Each year VNMAP hosts a medical mission trip to serve people in rural region of Viet Nam. The trip is usually for two weeks. The purpose of the trip is not only for volunteers to serve patients, but also an opportunity for volunteers to learn about the lives of the people and to understand how socioeconomic status affects their health.

4. Health Professional Volunteer program: VNMAP is encouraging health professional to volunteer for clinic and non-clinical role. Clinical role includes providing direct patient care and non-clinical role including acting as an adviser to public health program and/or a mentor to our student volunteers.

5. Volunteer Benefits: As a long-term volunteer, you will have an opportunity to apply to VNMAP’s various grant. You will also have access to our professional development program to help you to achieve your career goals.

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