Application Process



Mentorship Program Application Requirements & Process





  1. College or High School students

  2. Must be 18 year of age

  3. Willing to commit in the program for at least 12 months (2 hours/month)

  4. A good record of community service and/or leadership in school





  1. On-line application (link--

  2. Curriculum Vitae

  3. Short personal statement - Optional





  1. Prospective mentees apply for program through Google form link from VNMAP & HOPE's websites on or before the prescribed deadline. Two program cycles will be offer a year (in January and July).

  2. All submitted applications will be collected and reviewed by the program team 

  3. Each application will be assigned a numerical value by each review program member

  4. Program team will meet and discuss individual rating and reconcile numerical score

  5. Top six or 10 applications that have the highest numerical value will be considered for admitting to the 12 - 18 months program

  6. All chosen applicants will be notified by the program coordinators via telephone

  7. A formal program letter will be sent to accepted applicants to confirm program acceptance

  8. Program coordinators will provide a list of available mentors to all applicants for possible pairing

  9. Mentor availability is on the first come, first serve basis, unless a mentor is available to accept more than one mentees

  10. Once paired, the mentee is to discuss/prepare and individual development plan with his/her mentee.

  11. Mentors will monitor mentees progress professional/academically throughout the program.     

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